JAC Rules and Policies




TILE SETTERS:  Graduation from our (4) year program requires 480 school hours, that is 120 hours of related and supplemental class instruction per year.  A student must also complete 2000 hours per year of on-the-job training (O.J.T.) for a total of 8000 hours of on-the-job training in four (4) years.

TERRAZZO WORKERS: Graduation from our (3) year program requires 360 school hours, that is 120 hours of related and supplemental class instruction per year.  A student must also complete 2000 hours per year of on-the-job training (O.J.T.) for a total of 6000 hours of on-the-job training in three (3) years.

FINISHERS (TILE & MARBLE & TERRAZZO):  Graduation from our (2) year program requires 240 school hours, that is 120 hours of related and supplemental class instruction per year.  A student must also complete 4000 hours per year of on-the-job training (O.J.T.) for a total of 4000 hours of on-the-job training in two years.

Minimum Requirements for each pay period evaluation are:

A.        1000 hours of on-the-job training (OJT) per semester or period.

B.         60 hours of related and supplemental class instruction (7 classes).

C.         Comply with all school and Joint Apprenticeship Committee (JAC) requirements.

D.        Complete Skill Blocks for current period.

E.         Complete and submit on-the-job (OJT) reports.


                        Apprentices entering the program are on probation for 6 months.

A.        During the probationary period, an apprentice agreement shall be terminated by the apprenticeship committee at the request in writing of either party; after such probationary period an apprentice agreement may be terminated by the Administrator, by mutual agreement of all the parties thereto or cancelled by the Administrator for good and sufficient reason.

 B.         If an apprentice misses two (2) classes, he/she will be directed to appear before the Joint Committee to show why he/she should not be dropped from the program.  None of the required school hours shall be compensated.  The apprentice shall complete 7 school days prior to advancement to the next period.  All OJT Reports must be submitted prior to advancement.  Skill Blocks must be completed for the current period prior to advancement.

C.         Signing the attendance sheet is the complete responsibility of the student.

            Failure to sign in or to sign out is considered an absence.

D.        Each tardy or early departure may be considered an absence. 

E.         Any absence from school will be considered an UNEXCUSED absence. Each student MUST call the Apprenticeship Office (626) 288-0096 for any absence to be considered on a case by case basis as a possible excused absence. A doctor’s note for medical reasons will be required for an excused absence. Employer requests to excuse students who are required to work on a school day will be taken on a case by case basis.

F.         A verified illness or injury requires a medical release or accident report. If your car breaks down or you are incarcerated, a police report, booking receipt, mechanic’s repair bill, etc. is required.

G.        No student can attend class while medically disabled.  Before a student who is receiving disability insurance or workers’ compensation can attend class, a medical release form is required from his/her physician, permitting the student a release to return to work.

H.        Telling your instructor that you will be absent is not acceptable.  You MUST call the Apprenticeship Office for any absence.  Tell the secretary or coordinator or leave a message that gives the following information.

            l.   Your name

            2.  Phone number where you can be reached

            3.  Reason you did not, or were unable to attend school

            (The voice mail answering service is on twenty-four (24) hours a day).  Even if the phone line is busy when you call, you are able to leave a message.  The phone number is (626) 329-0850.

I.          Any student who fails to have his/her tools with him/her while attending class site projects can be sent home with no credit for that day.

J.          DRESS CODE for school at all times is as follows:

1.  No shorts or cut-off pants, ONLY full length pants.  Same kind of clothes you would wear at work.

2. No tennis shoes, sandals, or dress shoes.  ONLY work boots or work shoes.

3.  No tank-tops

ANY students not dressed properly for school will be sent home with NO CREDIT for the day.

K.        Instructors are in charge of all class related activities, instruction and disputes.  Instructors have the final word during the school program.  


            A.        Apprentices will be dispatched through Local #4.           

B.         Apprentices who are unemployed are required to immediately put their name on the OUT OF WORK LIST at Local #4.

            All apprentices will attend school whether employed or not.

C.         Apprentices are required to immediately notify the Local Union and Apprenticeship Office of any change in the following:

            1.   ADDRESS

            2.   PHONE NUMBER


D.        Apprentices are required to appear before the JAC board for Tile Setters or Finishers (whichever is applicable) when summoned/ notified/cited.  IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND FOR ANY REASON, CALL THE APPRENTICESHIP OFFICE.  Inconvenience is not an excuse.

E.         Apprentices who are employed are not permitted to work during the time they are summoned by the JOINT APPRENTICESHIP COMMITTEE to appear.

F.         Apprentices who are employed are not permitted to work overtime when it interferes with HEALTH, SAFETY, and/or PERFORMANCE OF THE APPRENTICE IN SCHOOL (related and supplemental instruction).

G.        Apprentices are indentured to the Joint Apprenticeship Committee Tile Setters or Tile Finishers. They are NOT indentured to any individual firm and/or contractor.

H.        Failure to comply with these procedures will result in disciplinary action by the Appropriate Apprenticeship Committee. 


A.        ANY language or actions which can be considered as sexual harassment are prohibited.

B.         Obscene words on T-shirts, jackets, and other articles of clothing or equipment are prohibited.


C.         Possession of, or being under the influence of, alcohol or narcotics at the school site or an Apprenticeship Committee meeting (including the parking lots) is prohibited and is a violation of state law.

D.        Gambling at the school site or Joint Apprenticeship Committee meetings (including the parking lots) is prohibited.

E.         Smoking or consumption of food or beverages is not permitted in classrooms or shops.

F.         Any apprentice known to have taken any equipment (tools) from the school site will be dropped from the program immediately and turned over to the Sheriff’s Department.

G.        The BAC Code of Conduct has been adopted by the JAC as guideline to be followed by all JAC Apprentices


A.        Discipline is executed through the power and authority of the Joint Apprenticeship Committee.

B.        The disciplinary actions of the Joint Apprenticeship Committee include, but are not limited to the following:

            1.      To keep records of disciplinary actions requested of apprentices.

            2.      To make use of these records on current and future disciplinary action.

            3.      To withhold pay rate increase and/or advancement.

            4.      To remove from a job for a period not to exceed sixty (60) days.

            5.      To recommend suspension and/or cancellation from the apprenticeship program for a period of one (1) year.

C.        Some of the reasons for disciplinary action against an apprentice include:

            1.      Failure to attend and  or perform satisfactorily on the job.

            2.      Failure to attend and or perform satisfactorily in classes of related and supplemental instruction (school).

            3.      Improper conduct on the job or in the classroom, or while attending Joint Apprenticeship Committee meetings

            4.      Willful destruction of school property

            5.      Failure to appear when summoned, notified, and/or cited by the JAC.

            6.      Violation of Apprentice Agreement

            7.      Failure to comply with rules of the JAC.

            8.      Falsification of records

            9.      Refusal of employment

            10.  Failure to attend and or perform satisfactorily on the job causing termination of employment for just cause.

            11.    Failure to notify Immediately Local #18 before quitting a job.

            12.    Theft of any kind, from a co-worker, a contractor, the Apprenticeship or by falsification of documents.

            13.    Failure to follow BAC Code of Conduct. 


If you are not satisfied with the decision of the Joint Apprenticeship Committee, you may file a written complaint to the following:

                        Ms. Rachel Robles


                        320 W.  Fourth   Street, Suite 830

                        Los Angeles, CA  90013-1105

                        Phone # (213) 576-7756

This complaint and/or appeal must be filed within thirty (30) days of receiving the Joint Apprenticeship Committee’s written notice of its decision.  The Joint Apprenticeship Committee reserves the right to modify these Rules and Policies Procedures at any time.