Travel Reimbursement Policy

Tile, Marble, and Terrazzo Employees Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee Trust

Travel Reimbursement Request Travel pay for apprentices attending weekday training. The Training Trust will reimburse travel expenses as follows:

1.  Apprentices traveling not less than fifty (50) miles but not more than seventy five (75) miles one way will be paid $10.00 per day. 2.  Apprentices traveling not less than seventy five (75) miles but not more than ninety (90) miles one way will be paid $15.00 per day. 3.  Apprentices traveling ninety (90) miles or more will be paid at the rate of $25.00 round trip travel and $80.00 per day for lodging including meals. Or if the apprentice should decide to commute $25.00 per day round trip for travel. 4. Any apprentice who falsifies a claim for reimbursement shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of their Apprenticeship Agreement. 5.  Reimbursement requests will be accepted starting with the second trimester of weekday training beginning August, 2015. Reimbursements will not be retroactive to the first trimester. 6.  Travel Reimbursement will be calculated using your current address on file, only “No Exceptions”. Proof of address may be required! 7.  The Board of Trustees retains the authority and discretion to revise and terminate travel pay hereunder at any time.